Appaswamy Real Estates

LocationChennai, India
ClientAppaswamy Real Estates
IndustryReal Estate

Appaswamy Real Estates is a leading property developer in Tamil Nadu with core values of customer satisfaction and quality.

They enjoy good commercial success with a strong brand identity, but have no digital presence to speak of excepting a website. In a bid to expand their reach to a younger generation, they decided it was time to go digital.

Our Solutions

We worked closely with the organization to develop a holistic marketing solution that would not only uphold the brand, but also create a dialog with their customers.

As Appaswamy is a company with traditional views, we ensure a consistent output of visually stimulating posts that highlight these values and adapt them to a younger crowd.

Additionally, we started a blog for Appaswamy, called ‘The Magazine’, which is an integral part of our SEO efforts.