Are size, growth, and performance mutually exclusive?

The OG startups were successful, not only because it suddenly paid to be a nerd, but because of the hours of toil and focus that was poured into a novel idea. So, how do you take a growing/established team from functional to exceptional as you grow? Not by throwing bean bags at the problem, that’s for sure.

1. Purpose

Stop doing things with purpose. Do them on purpose.

Without a clear vision, the best of ideas will be half-baked and unimplementable. And the best way to align with vision is through intention. By intentionally focusing on the larger picture, you allow it to guide you. Design thinking, strategy, etc., are great buzzwords but mean little if you aren’t all on the same train, heading the same way on a track.

2. Drive

Even driverless technology is driven by market factors. Instead of hurtling towards a distant goal haphazardly, not knowing if you’ll make it there, you might want to take a step back and think about your right turns, left turns, and plan periodic pauses to take stock of the situation. Find the siren song for your drive. Plan ahead. Forge ahead.