Art or Science? You decide

We live in a world where meeting new people is an everyday phenomenon, but we may not put much stock in to the relationships we keep.

Marketing calls for a different approach. Building and maintaining relationships with your existing customers is AS important as creating new ones.

Targeting new customers is an art. Always, always assume that your first shot is the one and only. If you’re able impress target customers early enough to earn their trust and faith, you have a foundation to then build on. As you continue to build relationships, customers will in turn influence their associates to invest in your brand. Perfecting this could take a while, but once mastered, you will enjoy immense trust and recall.

In essence, ‘stronger the bond, stronger the brand’.

To begin with, focus your efforts on presenting customers with a clear picture of what they’re getting, potential benefits, and the problem you’re trying to solve for them. Make sure you have a true-value differentiator that sets you apart. Consequently, customers will automatically flock to you, and when they see the extra value provided, they’ll be hooked. However, you must ensure that they remain extremely happy with your brand, and then you can truly reap the rewards.

Excellent support drives customer assurance and happiness. Also, constant conversations on feedback and product quality is a good way of building relationships. As the cycle continues, your customers will become advocates and marketers for your product, resulting in the growth of your brand.

Now that you know ‘the why’, we’ll discuss ‘the how’ in detail in upcoming blogs.